“The Chet” is a virtual museum and library project concocted by Matt Wall and assisted by many people. You can find us on Facebook where there are more frequent posts, including items of more ephemeral interest such as Chester Arthur’s place in popular culture, event announcements, and public service projects related to 21’s legacy.

We do have a small collection of about 100 artifacts related to Chester Arthur, his times, and place in the popular culture, as well as a small (but comprehensive) library of materials. We do not envision a permanent “bricks and mortar” home (some Presidents don’t really have a legacy requiring a whole building, including quite a number who actually do have physical libraries and museums) but we hope to make a traveling exhibit that can be put on contemporary display periodically.

For assistance in research or inquiries, or media interview requests, please visit the Facebook page and send a direct message. We are located in the Capital District of New York, near Chester Arthur’s final resting spot in the Albany Rural Cemetery, and close to Union College.


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